SalesClimber is a business development training programme aimed specifically at architects, engineers and surveyors.
SalesClimber comprises fourteen in-depth video presentations, covering the theory and psychology of sales, along with practical how-to guidance and explanations of the actual strategies I use to win new clients.
In addition, I introduce eleven unique real world missions, each of which are a practical step, providing an actionable route toward winning brand new clients.

All of which is augmented by on-demand online mentoring, to provide further guidance, ideas and encouragement, to give those following the course, the very best chance of success.

Video Presentations

Looking Out of a Skyscaper

Video 1 - The Power in Being Able to Sell

  • What is the most important function for any business?

  • How does having the ability to sell improve your business and career?

  • What's the one innate trait required to be successful?

  • Why personality type is not important when it comes to selling.

  • What are the three principal ways to win new business?

  • Examples of how I won new clients.

Happy Architect

Video 2 - Characteristics & Attitudes for Success

  • Why are some people better at selling than others?

  • What four key characteristics do the best at selling display?

  • What two attitudes are key for success in our industry?

  • How can you adopt these characteristics and attitudes?

  • Examples of when I failed - and succeeded at selling and what I learnt.


Video 3 - The Importance of a Strong Brand

  • What is a brand?  What is branding?

  • How can consultants enhance their brand and visibility?

  • Why is credibility so important when it comes to selling?

  • What is a price taker, what is a price maker?

  • How to be a price maker.

Shooting Target

Video 4 - Choosing a Target Sector

  • Why a focussed approach in targeting your time is important.

  • What criteria to use, when choosing a target sector.

  • Why a unique selling point (USP) is so powerful.

  • How to develop your USP.

  • Examples of USP's I used successfully.

A Young Man Writing

Video 5 - Identifying Companies & Decision Makers

  • Where to find companies in your chosen sector.

  • What kind of initial research should be undertaken.

  • How to identify decision makers.

  • How to find contact details.

  • The value of a Client Relationship Management (CRM) system.

Brainstorm to Success

Video 6 - Developing a Systematic Approach 

  • The advantages of using a selectivity matrix.

  • What criteria should you use in your selectivity matrix.

  • How to decide on a scoring system.

  • What further research should be undertaken.

  • Developing a target list spreadsheet.


Video 7 -  Conversation Skills - How to Build Rapport

  • What's the most important thing to a person?

  • What's an individual's favourite subject?

  • The importance of being sincere and genuine.

  • Why you should never try to sell.

  • Why you should always try to be helpful, even if there is nothing in it for you.

Man at Work

Video 8 - How to Get a Meeting With a Decision Maker (1)

  • Why you need a 'hook'.

  • How to quickly demonstrate credibility.

  • How you can show a meeting will be of value to the other person.

  • Detailed breakdown of a conversation with a prospect.

  • What you should not do.

Taking Notes

Video 9 - How to Get a Meeting With a Decision Maker (2)

  • Why taking the direct approach will accelerate your business winning.

  • Reverse engineering the process.

  • What type of research should be undertaken.

  • How to motivate a decision maker to want to meet you.

  • A detailed breakdon of a conversation with a prospect.


Video 10 - Dealing With Setbacks & Failures

  • How to tackle limiting thinking.

  • How to follow the process and not worry about the outcome.

  • Why failure hurts and how to rationalise it.

  • Why your results will follow a compounding growth trajectory.

  • Why self reflection is important, but why you shouldn't dwell.

Office Environment

Video 11- Preparing to Meet a Decision Maker

  • Why it's usually best to be joined by a colleague.

  • Factors to consider when choosing the right colleague to join you.

  • Research to undertake.

  • Preparing a briefing document.

  • Aspects to discuss and agree with your colleague prior to the meeting.

Video Conference

Video 12 - What to Say when Meeting a Decision Maker

  • What should be the purpose of a first meeting?

  • What structure should the meeting follow?

  • What questions should you ask the prospect?

  • Is now the time to try to sell?

  • The best way to conclude a meeting.

In Negotiation

Video 13 - How to Follow-Up & Build a Relationship

  • The importance of a debrief.

  • The three most likely outcomes from a first meeting.

  • How to respond to each of these outcomes.

  • How often to stay in touch and in what form.

  • How to create your own luck.

Business Meeting

Video 14 - You've Got an Opportunity! How to Win it

  • The two emotional reasons that determine all buying decisions.
  • How to find out what these are.
  • What pricing strategies exist?

  • When should these pricing strategies be used.

  • How can you differentiate your proposal from your competitors?

  • Why all new client wins should be celebrated.

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